An urban song in the jungle

Nestled high up in the mountains of Tabasco, you will find the incredible town of Tapijulapa, picturesque and charming. The magic of this town resides in its simplicity, mixed with the twists and turns of the contours of its terrain. It is a virtual labyrinth of white walls, red doorways, and tiled roofs, surrounded by a wild jungle environment.



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  • Gabriela Leveroni

Locution (Spanish)

  • Frida Contreras
  • Hugo Medina

Locution (English)

  • Barbara Fitters
  • Matthew Hickory


"Blancas Mariposas"

  • Performer: Marimba Brisas del Grijalva de Humberto Moreno
  • Author: Marimba Brisas del Grijalva de Humberto Moreno
  • Source: iTunes Store

"Corazón de Melón"

  • Performer: Rosemary Clooney & Pérez Prado
  • Author:
  • Source: iTunes Store

"A Tabasco"

  • Performer: Carmen Rivero y su Conjunto
  • Author: Pepe del Rivero
  • Source: iTunes Store

"Tabasco (Andre Crom Remix)"

  • Performer: Andre Crom
  • Author: Kohlbecker & Eilmes
  • Source: iTunes Store


  • Rubén Gómez "Rojo"

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