Named for the springs of thermal waters that the Spaniards found, its mineral and natural wealth made it an important point of the "Ruta de la Plata". Former home of the brave chichimecas, now a territory known for its business climate and the San Marcos Fair, one of the most important celebrations, guaranteeing a great experience.


City of Aguascalientes

Recognized as one of the cities with the best business climate in all of Latin America.

Mexican Legends

The history of the Veil of Aguascalientes

At the beginning of winter the owners of a cottage complex made the decision to temporarily close the place...

Magical Towns

Real de Asientos

In the neighborhoods of the Hill of Altamira was founded in 1548 this town; whose mines, rich in the production of gold, silver, copper and zinc.

Traditional Music and Dances

Dance of the Matlachines

The Dance of the Matlachines is performed in states such as Aguascalientes and Coahuila, it is common in religious festivities.

Magical Towns


Calvillo captivates with its aromas and seductive sights, trapping our senses and reminding us at every step how good and rich life can be.


Handicrafts of Aguascalientes

The fraying and embroidery of Aguascalientes have reached worldwide fame, as they are a clear example of the fine craftsmanship worked ...

Archaeological Sites

El Ocote

The archaeological site of El Ocote, in Aguascalientes, is a living testimony of how sometimes the past does not reveal all its secrets immediately...


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