The History of the Veil

a cold fright

At the beginning of winter the owners of a complex of cabins made the decision to temporarily close the place until the bad weather happened, because the demand was very low. To take advantage of the closing time they hired a person to watch the place while they took a short vacation. A man named Roberto got the job, whose responsibilities included cleaning the place and keeping the thieves away.

After going through all the facilities and knowing the operation of the different areas Roberto was left alone, which did not matter much to him; Being in such a beautiful and peaceful place for two weeks would be a relaxing experience.

The first afternoon a stormy cold covered the place, so Roberto took the time to cut wood and light the fireplace. During the night everything was going on normally and he was enjoying the warmth of the fire and a coffee, contemplating through a window the landscape made up of huge trees.

Suddenly a dark veil began to move between the trees towards the cabin. Roberto was startled but decided to blame his imagination, closed the window and returned to his seat; however, inside the cabin the lights began to darken. The lookout walked down the corridor and as he did so he could see that the veil was now inside, floating, casting shadows as it passed in front of the spotlights.

He realized that it was not just a veil but a whole woman's dress, terrified, Roberto stepped back slowly, took the keys of his car taking care not to make any noise and escaped, moving away from the cabins at full speed. When he arrived in the city he contacted the owners and told them what had happened, indicating that he would not return without company.

In the following weeks, obsessed with finding an explanation, he investigated about it and found a newspaper that mentioned an accident very close to the cabins. The note spoke of a woman who died with her boyfriend when his car got out of control and they fell down to a ravine. When he saw the photograph of the couple, Roberto felt the worst chill of his life ... he recognized the girl's dress as the same one he had seen floating in front of him days before.

Currently it is said that the spirit is still manifesting before those who decide to venture to this place.

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