The Whale Shark and the Frogfish

Tales from the depths

In the Cabo San Lucas area there is a lot of talk about the whale shark and the pejesapo. All fishermen know that the whale shark is the largest and that it is not really dangerous for boats, however, it has always been shown great respect for its impressive size; It is better not to play with the probability of a rollover.

The "pejesapo" is a totally different issue, there are many disparate stories about this curious fish. It is said that he is extremely aggressive temperament and as soon as he sees a boat, he swims towards it and tries to turn it over. It also talks about its strange and uncomfortable aspect, enough to scare the fishermen who manage to see it, that, of course, if they see it; because it is rumored that it has the capacity to blend with sand or rocks ... the idea of ​​an invisible danger adds mystery to its already frightening reputation.

This fish likes to get close to people on the beaches and scare him, but he has never eaten anyone, another strange question is that he never falls into fishing nets; dolphins, sharks, crustaceans and others have been found, but never a pejesapo.

Currently, approximately 200 types of "pejesapo" distributed among tropical and subtropical seas have been classified, none of which matches the descriptions given in Baja California Sur. Even so, fishermen prefer to be careful, as with the whale shark it is preferable navigate with respect

The Whale Shark and the Frogfish

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