When visiting it, the State Center for the Arts stands out, in which international talent is promoted. It is also home to the Baja Prog, one of the most celebrated rock festivals in the world. Here is the 800-hectare Silicon Border industrial park, specialized in nanotechnology; all this and more makes it clear that Mexicali is for those who seek science, art, commerce, culture and spend an unforgettable time.

¿Qué Visitar?

What to Visit?

  • University Museum Belongs to the Autonomous University of Baja California. Was inaugurated in 1977. It only closes on Mondays.
  • Forest and Zoo of the city Have one of the biggest aviary of the northwest of México. Also has Natural History Museum, a Botanic Garden, Green areas and a Lake.
  • Parish of the Santa Cruz
  • Sol del niño Museum It is an interactive center of science, tecnology, art and enviroment. It has an IMAX screen where you can watch interesting documentaries.
  • State Theater
¿Qué hacer?

What to do?

  • Carnival of San Felipe Take place every February. There is parade of floats, folkloric dances, amusement rides, palenque, sporting and cultural events.
  • Festivities of the Sun Throughout September and October. The meaning of this festival is to show the advances in agriculture, industry, commerce and cattle raising.
  • Festivities of the winter visitor Winter season.They are made to welcome visitors from the US and Canada. There is a extensive Mexican artistic program and sale of tradtional drinks and dishes.
Comida Típica

Typical Food

  • Chinese origin dishes
  • Seafood
  • Meat cuts
  • Craft beer and wine
¿Qué Saber?

What to Know?

  • At the beginning of the 20th century, the area of Mexicali was basically uninhabited, with the exception of some settlements such as Los Algodones.
  • The word Mexicali comes from the words Mexico and California, in the same way that Calexico is formed, name of the neighboring American city. It is said that these names were suggested in 1902 by Colonel Agustín Sanginez.
  • The official foundation of Mexicali took place on March 14, 1903.

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