The Newlyweds of Cuesta Blanca

Echoes of a tragedy

Many years ago, in the small town of Rosarito, in Baja California; There was a hotel that shared a name with the place. It was not a property beyond the reach of people in general, but still enjoyed a great reputation thanks to constant visits from celebrities such as Maria Felix, Dolores del Rio and Marlon Brando, so it became a popular destination for celebrations.

One of many was the wedding of Camilo and Victoria, which happened on a Saturday during the rainy season. They rented the hotel's Aztec Room and it was filled with their guests, who danced and celebrated throughout the night, a palpable joy permeating the entire building.

As of mid-afternoon the sky began to cloud and it started to rain when the party was ending, giving a perfect excuse to the couple to lay off the stragglers and depart to the airport in Los Angeles, California, where they would take a flight in the morning next to spend your honeymoon in Europe.

To reach their destination they had to pass through a section called the Cuesta Blanca, infamous for the number of terrible accidents that other motorists had.

The visibility was poor and when the couple were going to the middle of a climb, in a curve, a cow tried to cross the road, totally disoriented by the downpour. Camilo tried to dodge it and lost control of the vehicle, which went spinning by a gutter until crashing against a large rock.

The groom was expelled by the impact and was badly wounded on the slope. Victoria, also in poor condition, managed to gather forces to run to the road to ask for help; however, the few cars that passed seemed to pay no attention to the silhouette dressed in white that asked for help.

In desperation, Victoria decided to stand right in the middle of the road, hoping to force the next vehicle to stop. In a cruel joke, fate marked that it was a cargo truck, which overwhelmed the bride without stopping; killing her and throwing her body towards the gutter.

The next day, the trucker fell prey to the guilt and turned himself in to the authorities, in addition to taking them to the scene of the accident. It was so they found the car smashed and the newlyweds together on the hillside. According to the truck driver this did not make sense, because Victoria's body had been left in the ditch.

No one could determine how she came to Camilo's side. Since then it is said that in the Cuesta Blanca there appears a woman with a dress so white that it dazzles the drivers, and sometimes a woman with the dress dyed red, screaming for help; if someone decides to stop and ask what he needs, he just responds "it's too late" and vanishes in front of his eyes ...

The Newlyweds of Cuesta Blanca

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