A walled capital, the largest Mayan city ever discovered, gastronomy resulting from a fusion of Spanish, indigenous and Arab flavors; in addition to a tropical environment where 40% is under environmental protection and is ideal for the practice of ecotourism. These are some of the reasons why we welcome you to this state, "place of Mr. Sun tick".


City of Campeche

From what was a small Mayan town called Kaan Pech, it became a fortified and walled city ...

Mexican Legends

The Swordsman of San Juan

Cosme de Santaclara was born in an opulent family of Campeche, and his whims gave rise to this legend, which ends in the Esplanade of San Juan.

Magical Towns


The Usumacinta River extends one of its arms to embrace a Magical Town: Palizada.

Traditional Music and Dances

Jaranas and Jarabes

Jaranas and Jarabes represent the rhythms and dances of the Yucatan Peninsula.


Handicrafts of Campeche

In Campeche there is a wonderful artisan diversity, whose techniques and aspects are determined by the knowledge that has been transmitted ...

Mexican Legends

The Witch of the Morro

In a village in Campeche, called Seyvaplaya, many people began to disappear without a trace.

Archaeological Sites


Calakmul is an archaeological zone and natural reserve of great ecological importance. When visiting you will see hundreds of different animals and plants.


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