The Witch of the Morro


In a village in Campeche, called Seyvaplaya, many people began to disappear without a trace. At first it was believed that people simply went away because of the difficult living conditions, but when they began to miss complete families from one day to the next, the inhabitants realized that something was wrong.

Instead of going with the authorities they preferred to call a sorcerer, who agreed to help, but told them that to capture the body responsible for the disappearances should capture him just in the act of eating a person. The revelation caused quite a panic, because until that moment nobody knew that the inhabitants were being devoured.

To complicate things further, in the village there was an old woman who used to ask for an inn in the homes and, seeing her so vulnerable, the families allowed her to stay. Not knowing that, at night, the old woman went out to the corral where the latrines were and moments later, a member or the whole family ran out there, feeling a terrible stomach upset. When they arrived at the latrines the stranger took the opportunity to eat them.

The sorcerer had already explained how to catch the presence, but the plan required a sacrifice and no one offered.

At that moment, right in the house where the sorcerer was, they knocked on the door, when they opened they found a sweet old woman asking to spend a night there; request that was granted.

And it happened as always happened: the lady slipped into the courtyard and suddenly everyone inside began to feel bad, ran to the latrines and it was then that the sorcerer deduced that something strange was happening. He went out and found the skins of those who had been eaten, and the old woman turned into a demon.

As he had prepared everything necessary to subdue the evil that was sweeping the place, he grabbed some blessed vines that he had there and threw them at the beast; these became chains and bars that trapped the monster.

The locals took the old woman, who they later knew as Ishawuu, directly to the hills of Seyvaplaya and left her there, chained until the tide rose and drowned her.

However, before dying she cast a curse: when the spell that held her captive expired, she would return for the one who had trapped her.

And since then, when the nose roars, it is said that it is not by the sea, but the cries of the evil one that cries out for someone's life ...

The Witch of the Morro

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