Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Creole, native and mestiza

It became Mexican territory until 1824. It is currently one of the cities with the largest area and population in the southeast of the country. Tuxtla has an impressive natural wealth, highlighted in its gastronomy, climate, tourist attractions and one of the most impressive zoos in Latin America; This is how this place inspires love and respect for nature, tradition and pride.

¿Qué Visitar?

What to Visit?

  • Marimba Museum It was created with the aim of paying homage to the state's most emblematic instrument, with five galleries, a production workshop and an audiovisual room.
  • Christ of Chiapas Monumental statue that rises on top of Mactumacza hill, measures 62 meters surpassing other works in the world such as the Christ the Redeemer of Brazil.
  • Jaime Sabines Cultural Center Beautiful architectural space in honor of this great poet from Chiapas. It operates as a museum, but also has an auditorium and houses the Central State Public Library.
  • Cathedral of San Marcos Built in the sixteenth century and remodeled in 2009. It stands out for its chime tower with 48 bells that ring every hour.
  • Miguel Álvarez del Toro Zoo It houses mainly local species, many of them in danger of extinction; there are morning and night tours to observe the fauna.
  • Zoque Museum Inaugurated in the year of 2006, the museum purpose is to appreciate the elements that identify the Zoque Culture.
¿Qué hacer?

What to do?

  • Fair of San Roque From August 16 to 25. There are carnival rides, crafts and sweets stands.
  • Chiapas Fair In December. There are cultural and artistic activities as well as artisan, industrial and livestock exhibitions.
Comida Típica

Typical Food

  • Tamales. Corn dough filled with different ingredients, can be sweet or salty.
  • Chispota. Beef with chickpea and cabbage.
  • Niguijuti. Pork with mole.
  • Cochito. Marinated pork.
  • Chanfaina. Lamb viscera served with rice.
  • Pork rind. Served with patashete, legume from the same family as the beans.
¿Qué Saber?

What to Know?

  • The city was founded by the Zoque Indians with the name of Coyatoc "place, house or land of rabbits".
  • It was elevated to city status on July 27, 1829.
  • On May 31, 1848 the name Tuxtla (Castilianization of Tochtlan, former name given to him by the Aztecs) is added the surname Gutiérrez, in honor of Joaquín Miguel Gutiérrez.
  • Illustrious people:
  • Joaquín Miguel Gutiérrez (1796 - 1838). Military and governor.
  • Jaime Sabines (1926 - 1999). Poet.

Popular Craft

  • Wood carvings
  • Embroidery
Galería - Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Admire the architectural beauty of Tuxtla Gutierrez

Tuxtla Gutiérrez

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