Handicrafts of Chiapas

Fusion, Amplitude and Meaning

The cultural fusion, the artistic sense, and the wide range of raw materials, have made the crafts of Chiapas have an amazing variety of products and styles ... the handmade works made by Chiapas hands are wonderful, and represent centuries of culture, knowledge and tradition.

To begin, pottery is created with a technique inherited from the ancient Indians, and is still modeled by hand. The pottery of Amatenango del Valle is famous, because white clay is worked, and pieces of ornate and practical items such as pots, pitchers, vases, vases, pots and the famous pigeons and mud jaguars are made. The pieces are cooked in the traditional way, with firewood in the open.

The Chiapas potters preserve the shape, color, decoration and use as symbols of cultural identity. As a way to relate to your ancestors.

The indigenous heritage, specifically Mayan, is evident in the textile art, both in the colors, symbols and designs, and in the customs learned during the children's games to create their own clothing. In the huipiles, skirts, shirts, rebozos, blouses, girdles, pants and shawls, the motifs and colors show a taste for life and nature, applying butterflies, birds, flowers and symbols in bright colors.

In the markets and craft shops of different cities of the state you can find textiles, such as those made in Zinacantán, Magdalenas, Larráinzar, Venustiano Carranza and San Juan Chamula.

Another artisanal aspect that stands out in Chiapas is the lacquer technique, in which the artisans paint in oil with their fingers and then apply enamel with cat hair brushes. In Chiapa de Corzo this ancestral tradition has been maintained and true works of art can be seen in chests, toys, crockery, trunks, furniture, musical instruments, and in the masks of the "parachicos"; In these and other objects, the artisans reflect their artistic taste by painting flowers, animals and landscapes in beautiful colors, with an abundance of details.

On the other hand, the variety of woods that exist in Chiapas allows you to create a whole series of pieces that range from home furniture and toys, to carved wooden works of art.

The artisans of San Juan Chamula and Chiapa de Corzo are authentic experts in their carvings and sculptures, whose motives can appeal to religious, indigenous, and representations of nature.

Chiapas jewelry is recognized internationally, mainly thanks to the meaning acquired by some of the most used elements in its creation, for example jade, which is the stone of immortality; amber, considered a matter that drives away evil spirits, among others.

Amber is also considered a material strongly related to Chiapas. The resin trapped in the earth for millions of years, and has a beautiful color and unique qualities, provides the opportunity for artisans to create necklaces, rings and charms in different styles ranging from pre-Hispanic to contemporary designs.

Chiapas crafts also include basketry, metalwork, toys and other genres, so when you visit, do not forget to take a tour of the picturesque places where you can buy locally made pieces, and feel closer to a cosmogony full of pride and tradition .

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