The Carreta of San Pascualito

A bloodcurdling TRAVEL

Near midnight in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, in the streets where there are families who mourn their patients, an almost unbearable tension is generated ... there is fear permeating the air, as they may hear the rattle of a wagon. A slow and sepulchral grinding accompanied by a cold wind.

All are locked in their homes and even turn off the lights and remain completely silent in the hope that the cart does not stop in front of the front door. The old insist that you should not try to see who generates the grinding ... even so, the riskiest young people look out, but they always have the precaution of praying so that the appearance does not notice.

The story indicates that if there is a dying man and the cart stops nearby, the person will die in a matter of minutes, then the skeletal monk will gather his soul and continue his way under the darkness of the night, dragging his old and rickety wagon ...

They say that San Pascualito is the one who generates such a commotion, a saint who is venerated in Chiapas and some areas of Guatemala but who does not count on the recognition of the Catholic Church, and even condemns his devotion.

La Carreta de San Pascualito

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