Legend of the Sumidero Canyon

A fight until the end

January of 1527. The captain Diego de Mazariegos leads an expedition that arrives to Tochtla, today Tuxtla Gutiérrez and later to Soctón; its objective is to force the indigenous peoples to pay tribute, in addition to inviting them to the peace and obedience of the king.

The inhabitants refused and decided to confront the Spanish envoys, giving way to a bloody confrontation.

The Spaniards had numerical advantage, better armament, horses and were accompanied by indigenous Mexica and Tlaxcalteca brought from Tenochtitlan; but the Chiapanecans did not stop fighting. After several battles, the Indians see their strength reduced and their chances of being victorious.

Time passes and the Chiapanecans are forced to retreat to the cliffs, while still willing to fight. They showed enormous courage, but the stones and arrows were no longer enough.

Finally, in the Peñón de Tepetchía, at the top of the Sumidero Canyon, the most significant event of the last battle takes place. Irremediably lost and surrounded by the enemy, the Chiapanecans throw themselves from the top of the precipice until they fall into the depths of the Grijalva River ... men, women and children take part in a collective suicide, preferring to give their lives rather than being dominated.

It is said that the few survivors from Chiapas were taken to the banks of the river to found a new town: Chiapa de Indios, now known as Chiapa de Corzo and from which the name of this state is derived.

Currently, the veracity of the battle and death in the Sumidero Canyon is debated, but finally it must be accepted that if there is any doubt it is always with the evidence that Chiapas is a town that refuses to surrender.

Legend of the Sumidero Canyon

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