Son of Chiapas

Tradition with Modern Flavor

Son of Chiapas was born in 2006 with the idea of ​​proposing the marimba as a concert instrument, interpreting pieces of high difficulty level in execution; from Baroque and Classical music, to Chiapaneco Folklor, Mexican Music and jazz.

The marimba, individually, has been conceptualized as the traditional instrument used in various types of events, from great festivities to mournful events. With this, an idea has been developed regarding the type of music and the number of people who execute it and this concept has remained for many years.

However, the instrument has evolved in its repertoire. Proof of this is that in places like Japan, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, has been chosen by participants in high level competitions that are performed in the soloists and duos.

In Chiapas, state competitions have been held in group form for many years, and since 1999 the International Marimbist Festival has been held. Within this festival, the National Marimba Contest is held as a soloist. In this type of events, the marimba is shown as an instrument of seriousness and importance, and we must mention the varied repertoire and diversity of genres that are performed today with the highest quality of performance.

In most of these national competitions, the winners of the first place have been from Chiapas, which affirms that the marimba is and will continue to be the musical instrument that represents the identity of the Chiapas nationally and worldwide.

As an evolution, in recent years the use of pentatonic, hexagonal and dodecaphonic scales, among others, was introduced to the marimba technique. These scales have influenced and changed the traditional harmony by the new contemporary trends. All these changes, which are so notorious in the repertoire of the marimba, have made composers and musicians experience the variety and possibility of this instrument, taking advantage of the resources of solo and group performance.

Specifically, the Son of Chiapas is a group from the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, winners of the XXIII State Competition of Marimbists held in the Period 2007-2009 within the Children's Category, and also subsequent winners in the Youth Category. It is a modern assembly that does not stop having the traditional touch of Chiapas.

To listen to the Marimba Son de Chiapas is to enjoy the unparalleled dedication of its members, who can not hide the joy they experience when playing this instrument; surely you can not hide it either when you let it reach your ears.

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Son de Chiapas

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