The Rosary and the Headless Priest

Echoes of bravery

In Villa de San Felipe, the Real de Chihuahua had been instructed not to show mercy or sympathy for the insurgent prisoners that would arrive, unless it was wished to offended the Spanish crown.

Among the about fifty captives were Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla, Ignacio Allende and Mariano Jiménez ... All were taken, in deplorable conditions and among mediations and torture, to the prison.

Justo María Chávez Aguilar worked in that place. Secret sympathizer of the independence movement, seeing priest Hidalgo there made him feel sad. When he had the opportunity, he gave a Sevillian tortoiseshell rosary with a gold crucifix directly into the hands of the priest. Don Miguel was moved and thanked him for the gesture.

For many days Justo Maria visited the prisoner and always found him in the same way: in prayer, holding the rosary in his hands and with a face of peace, quiet, despite the pain that caused him to know that his companions were being shot.

One Sunday, before the execution of the leader of the movement, Justo managed to see him for the last time and gave him some sweets ... Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was shot on Monday, July 30, 1811; They cut off his head and the rest of his body was buried in a small chapel of San Antonio de Padua.

For many years the rosary of Seville was in the possession of different clerics, until it reached the Historical Archive of the State of Chihuahua and stayed there until it disappeared in a fire that occurred in 1940.

In that go and come, it is said that in the place where the mortal remains of the priest were until 1823, a bakery, the "Espiga de Oro", was later installed. The baker in charge reported that when he was a child he saw a gloomy black cassock of a headless priest emerge from the San Francisco church, slowly crossing the street and crossing the walls, accompanied by a cold and strong wind that altered the animals close.

That is a story buried among the inhabitants of the place, which seems to extend the presence of a man long after his execution.

El Rosario y la Sotana sin Cabeza

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