This northern state, of decidedly desert territory, is known for its frank and friendly people, for having marked some of the most important events in the history of Mexico and for hosting one of the most amazing natural treasures in the world: Cuatro Ciénegas. The land of the flying serpent is perfect for lovers of photography.


City of Saltillo

It was the capital of Mexico during the French invasion under the presidency of Benito Juárez, now it is a city recognized for its industrial activity ...

Mexican Legends

The Hill of the Dead

It is said that a man named Juan Diego had been walking on the side of a hill near Cuatro Ciénegas a long time ago ...

Magical Towns


Founded in 1598, Parras de la Fuente treasures among its relics the oldest winegrower in America: Casa Madero.

Traditional Music and Dances

The Dance of the Kikapú Warriors

The Kikapú tribe emigrated from the United States and Canada to Mexico, where they now dance to honor their warriors and remember their arrival.

Magical Town


Viesca is a small Magical Town located in the south of the State of Coahuila ...

Magical Towns

Cuatro Ciénegas

This Magical Town is located in the middle of a valley, surrounded by the Coahuila mountain range ...


Handicrafts of Coahuila

The state of Coahuila, particularly the city of Saltillo, is famous for the development of one of the most Mexican handicrafts: El Sarape.

Ecotourism and Adventure

The Dunes of Bilbao

The Dunes of Bilbao are located in the desert of Coahuila, and are a protected natural area where you can camp and practice some extreme sports.

Archaeological Sites

Rincón Colorado

The experience that Rincón Colorado offers the visitor is perhaps a bit unique for Mexico: a journey 70 million years back in time, to the Cretaceous period.


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