The Hill of the Dead

A Fantastic Elation

It is said that a man named Juan Diego had been walking for a long time on the side of a hill near Cuatro Ciénegas ... the same noble indigenous who was chosen by the Virgin of Guadalupe to reveal himself to him on the hill of Tepeyac. I was carrying two bales of roses and tuberose.

Tired, he decided to sit down to recover his strength, ate his rations and drank water from the nearby springs; however, he was so exhausted that when he lay back a little he was sound asleep.

Then, from the crystalline waters of the springs, beautiful nymphs emerged, who, seeing him asleep, decided to play a joke on him and play with him and his things. Some moved their feet, others knotted their hair, but there were others who took the flowers and began to scatter them throughout the area.

Surprisingly, on contact with the earth the seeds and petals were transformed into women, who walked and dispersed, populating the entire region. In the same way, from the thorns of the roses, determined men were born ...

Juan Diego woke up and when he discovered that his bales were not there he began to look for them desperately. When he did not achieve it after a lot of tracking he gave up and kept walking, this time aimlessly and with a lost look.

Eventually he decided to climb the hill to the top of the hill and when he reached the top he noticed how roses, spikenards, women and men bloomed in the distance; which brought him great satisfaction. Feeling that his mission was complete, Juan Diego collapsed on the hill and died, his eyes fixed on the blue sky.

This is how the origin of women and men in the Coahuila region is spoken ... strong, committed and generous people.

El Cerro del Muerto

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