White and Everlasting Resurgence

Viesca is a small magical town located in the south of the State of Coahuila, approximately 250 kilometers from the capital Saltillo and 70 from Torreón.

Founded on July 24, 1731, it had as its first inhabitants Tlaxcalteca Indians and then Spaniards who originally lived in Parras.

In 1811 the priest Miguel Hidalgo was imprisoned here. In the now called Casa Juarez, the meritorious of the americas lodged and issued a decree; while the nearby Ex Hacienda de Hornos hosted a time to former President Lázaro Cárdenas. It seems that all its buildings tell a story worthy of being heard.

The most significant construction of Viesca is the Temple of Santiago Apóstol, where every July 25 the Viesquenses gather to celebrate their patron saint.

Before this celebration a very curious commemoration called "the day of the absentee" takes place. In this one, the Viesquenses that no longer live in their native land gather in the outskirts of the town and the inhabitants prepare them soups, roasts and carnitas; without a doubt something very particular of this town.

Another place to visit is the Main Square, located opposite the Municipal Presidency, whose long walkways are adorned by picturesque cobblestones. In the center of the square you will find a kiosk painted in green and gold, which has a striking square clock, marking the passage of time for all inhabitants.

In the surroundings you will find a unique natural wonder in Mexico: the Dunas de Bilbao. 17 hectares full of white sand. Home of endemic species of flora and fauna. An ideal place to take off your shoes, sink your feet in the sand and lose yourself in the contemplation of everything that surrounds you. Even, it is said that the sands of the Dunes have healing properties.

Although if you prefer extreme things, here it is possible to do ATV rides, practice cycling or camping to enjoy the lunadas. Your adventure will be as exciting as you choose it.

Fun fact: the motto of his shield reads "We will always resurface".

This is because for some time there were rumors that Viesca would become a ghost town, and the inhabitants proposed that motto, which they have fulfilled again and again, returning to this place a brilliant jewel of Coahuila ... and Mexico.

¿Qué Visitar?

What to Visit?

  • Main Square As its own name indicates, this is the core of this Magic Town. Besides the many important civic, military and social events that take place here, you can take advantage of its beauty just to relax and to enjoy the surroundings.
  • Santiago Apostle Parish This is the major local construction, and it also houses the Sacred Art Museum.
  • Municipal Museum Ideal place to learn the interesting History of this Magic Town.
  • Bilbao Dunes Beautiful arid landscape that serves as habitat for some endemic species, and where you can practice mountain biking, hiking, and camping.
¿Qué hacer?

What to do?

  • Festivity of Santiago Apostle Celebrated on July 25th each year, here you can see the so-called Danza del Caballito (Dance of the Little Horse) that represents the fight between Moors and Christians, and which is vividly musicalized with drums and violins.
Comida Típica

Typical Food

  • Pastor Meat. Marinated pork meat or beef with a sauce made of three kinds of chili and also with orange and pineapple juice.
  • Reliquia (Relic). Stew made with seven different soups that are baked in an adobe oven.
  • Tamales. Corn dough mixed with lard, and stuffed with pork meat or other kind of meat in a spicy green or red sauce, and finally wrapped up with corn leaves or banana leaves to be steamed. Don´t read it, just try it!
  • Barbacoa. Roasted beef cooked slowly on its own juice, and which is served apart as a broth or consommé.
  • Menudo. Delicious broth made from beef belly and served with onion, lemon and oregano. It is always accompanied with corn tortillas.
  • Sotol. Alcoholic beverage based on the distillation of a local plant named thus.
¿Qué Saber?

What to Know?

  • On July 24th, 1731, this village was founded under the name of San Jose y Santiago del Alamo.
  • In the local coat of arms you can read the motto "We’ll survive always," in opposition to the rumor that suggested that this village would become a ghost town sooner or later.
  • On September 21st, 1830, this village became officially a Villa.

Popular Craft

  • Embroideries
  • Jewels and works with precious metals
  • Carved wood
  • Weaves with natural fibers

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