One of its Magic Towns has been immortalized in one of the most important literary works in Mexico and its name, which comes from the Nahuatl "coliman", means "place where the Old God dominates", making reference to the Volcán de Colima, one of the most active in the country; You can also visit to check the majesty of Mother Nature.


City of Colima

Affectionately known by its inhabitants as the City of Palms, Colima, "place in the hands of the grandfather".

Mexican Legends

Legend of the Colima Volcano

Ah, the volcanoes! How many stories and legends keep and inspire ...

Magical Towns


Many years before Comala was declared a Magical Town, Juan Rulfo had already discovered his enigmatic environment ...

Traditional Music and Dances

Harp Mariachi

Mariachi de Arpa, where the trumpet is replaced by said instrument, is a very common expression in the festivities of the province of Colón.


Handicrafts of Colima

Upon entering the city of Colima we receive a monumental sculpture.


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