Legend of the Colima Volcano

The Fury of the King

Oh, the volcanoes! How many stories and legends keep and inspire ... Throughout the world, in all times of humanity, they have been linked to the wrath of the gods, place of sacrifices, abode of the underworld in their bowels.

In the limit of the small state of Colima with Jalisco, two volcanoes rise: the Nevado de Colima and the Volcán de Fuego.

Like two brothers, of opposite temperament: Fire and ice ...

In the ancient kingdom of Collimán whose name means "place where the old god or god of fire dominates", there was a palace rich in beauty and size, at the foot of the volcano, the king, governor of Collimán lived with his court as they had lived all his ancestors and hoped, future generations.

However, any day, at the time of the colony and of which there is no record, two worlds were found: The Viceroy of New Spain and the Monarch of Collimán were interviewed. No one knows what was said ... but the irate Viceroy gave the order to besiege the palace.

Without water, without access to food. In a few days they began to suffer the ravages of the military operation to which they were subjected.

One night, they decided to escape. The king and his retinue moved in the shadows, but the night was not enough and they were discovered. They fled followed by the Spaniards to the heights of the volcano, and upon reaching the crater, considering the surrender imminent, decided to die in the freedom of not having succumbed.

The king, his maidens and warriors jumped into the crater, immolating themselves in the freedom of a proud people.

It is said that when the volcano releases fumaroles, even now, it is the indignant reply of the king to the mistreatment of some descendant of the Collimán people.

Leyenda del Volcán de Colima

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