Harp Mariachi

With the soul of Colima

Mariachi is a traditional musical genre of our country, and in November 2011 it was named Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, by UNESCO.

In the mid-twentieth century mariachi music reached a massive diffusion, for its appearance in film, television and radio, as well as greater impulse on the part of the record industry. Now, it is a popular manifestation in many countries of the world and it is estimated that there are about 30 thousand musicians who are responsible for interpreting this genre, however, in the state of Colima there is a very particular variant.

In it, the metals (particularly the trumpet) are replaced by the harp, completely changing the sound nuances of the melodies.

The harp mariachi is considered the typical musical expression of the people of Colima; Some of the most representative sones of this genre are: The Camino Real de Colima, Las Comaltecas, Las Morismas, El Pedregal, El Perico Loco, The Iguana de Tecomán, El Palmero, among others.

To listen to it (outside of recordings), it is advisable to seek to attend one of the numerous Catholic patron festivals of the communities. There, dancers and devotees celebrate to the rhythm of traditional sones and syrups, always emphasizing the importance of music in the heart of Mexico and Colima.

Mariachi de Arpa

Admire the armonic beauty of the Harp Mariachi of Colima

Mariachi de Arpa

All you must know about the Harp Mariachi here, in our audio guide


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