In its landscapes you will find forests, canyons, valleys, rivers and, of course, deserts, which have been the scene of numerous films that seek to illustrate the old American West. It has two nature reserves and many of its old buildings are now museums and cultural centers, making it clear that it is a state that seeks to preserve its historical legacy and ecosystems, which you can enjoy only here.


City of Durango

Fullness of squares, museums and historic buildings. Cradle of a musical tradition that synthesized foreign rhythms to the duranguens mode ...

Mexican Legends

The Legend of the Cell of Death

According to legend, at the end of the 19th century, the "Cell of Death" existed in the old prison of Durango ...


Handicrafts of Durango

The Gómez Palacios market, in Durango; a picturesque and magical place where all the traditions, arts and abilities of the state are concentrate.

Ecotourism and adventure

Ecotourism Paradise

The state of Durango, in the Mexican northwest, is a sparsely populated territory that is commonly associated with desert landscapes and wide spaces.

Traditional Music and Dances

The Mitote Ceremonial Dance

This dance is celebrated by indigenous communities of Durango to bless the planting of their food.

Magical Towns


Perched on a hill and with the desert at its feet, Mapimí is a nook of historical charms where time stopped.


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