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The state of Durango, in the Mexican northwest, is a sparsely populated territory that is commonly associated with desert landscapes and wide spaces, however, the amount of adventure tourism activities that can be done in its diverse geography have captured the attention of travelers from all over the world.

Near the capital city you will find the Guadalupe Victoria and Santiago Bayacora Dams, where you can visit and photograph beautiful waterfalls, as well as board a boat and practice sport fishing, or simply paddle while listening to nature.

In the vicinity of the Sierra Madre you will discover many places that deserve to be visited individually. One of them is the Old Hacienda Otinapa, which has horse riding, trails for mountain biking, zip-lining, among others.

Las Quebradas del Piaxtla and Basís, in addition to offering dream landscapes, have the ideal terrain to practice canyoning or hiking, depending on your level of daring or experience.

Of course, the ecotourism centers built in these areas are responsible for guiding tourists on all available activities. At Chupaderos, also known for being an iconic set of Hollywood movies, there are routes to practice mountain biking, as Puentecillas, where your journey will lead you between numerous waterfalls and viewpoints.

In Ojuela, an old mining town, is the well-known "Puente de Ojuela", a suspension bridge that provokes reactions even in the most experienced adventurers. If you really want to feel the thrill of hanging between canyons, you can not forget the zip line, 300 meters long and an impressive height of 100 meters!

Durango also, in the places mentioned above and many others, has facilities or natural areas ideal for rappel, camping, mountaineering, climbing, ornithology and the enjoyment of shows of all kinds.

The next time you decide to take a turn full of emotion to your vacation, remember that Durango, with its imposing and mysterious landscapes extends the invitation to visit.

Paraíso del Ecoturismo

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Paraíso del Ecoturismo

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