The Legend of the Cell of Death

Battle against fear

Legend has it that at the end of the 19th century there was in the old prison of Durango the "Cell of Death", so called because the unfortunate they put there, dawned mysteriously dead ... Without broken bones, wounds, or any sign to indicate what was the cause…

Until one day Juan, a good and brave man, came to jail, who was accused by the owner of the hacienda where he worked to get him out of his way and take his girlfriend away, imprisoning him in the prison of Durango.

Because he was so generous and generous, Juan won everyone in that place, from prisoners to guards. Even the director of the prison was fond of him when they gave him the order for Juan to die "by accident" at the request of the landowner, decided to give him a chance by offering to spend a night in the cell and discover what was happening in it. In return, if he survived the night he would be free.

With much fear, Juan accepted. If he died, his days would be closed and if he lived, he would return to his beloved girlfriend. He only asked for two things to spend the night. Six candles and a bank.

So the hours passed until he realized that he had miscalculated the duration of the candles and the last was about to end, so he decided to turn it off at times and get on the bench. In the darkness he felt a presence and when he lit the candle he saw a gigantic scorpion that ran to hide from the light.

The mystery was solved, but when the candle went out the scorpion would kill him.

He turned off the candle again, waited a few minutes and turned it on again ... the scorpion was climbing the bank and in the light it ran again. Juan took his hat and let himself fall calculating the catch but at that moment the light went out definitively.

That's how he stayed, immobile and scared to death. Praying in the hope of having caught him. It was in the second consecutive rosary when the cell opened. It had dawned and to the joy of the director Juan was alive. Juan showed his hat with the enormous scorpion and that's how the cell was, it was never the cell of death.

Juan was released and returned to marry Lupe, his girlfriend who always waited for him.

Leyenda de la Celda de la Muerte

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