Cradle of the cry of independence in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato is a state where you can meet sites that marked the history of our country. Its climate is very pleasant all year round and its innumerable attractions, besides having excellent infrastructure for business trips and organization of congresses. It has one of the most important cultural festivals around the world and a museum that can cause chills even the bravest of your companions, visit it!


City of Guanajuato

In the city of Guanajuato the streets whisper stories.

Archaeological Sites

Cañada de la Virgen

It was an observatory and astronomical laboratory.

Magical Towns

Dolores Hidalgo

Cradle of Independence, the Magic Town of Dolores Hidalgo treasures colonial jewels ...

Mexican Legends

The Alley of the Kiss

Lady Carmen was madly in love with Mr. Luis and He loved her back.

Ecotourism and adventure

Paragliding on the hill of Cubilete

The closest experience to flying is not by plane or helicopter but by paragliding.

Sites of interest

The mummies of Guanajuato

Every day you can visit the old Pantheon of Santa Paula, today known as the Museum of the Mummies.

Architectural Treasures

The Alhondiga de Granaditas

An architectural work of neoclassical style served as a grain warehouse ...


Traditional Silver and Gold Jewelry of Pajaritos

The jewelry of Guanajuato became famous during the time of the colony and later forgotten in the night ...


Museum of Independence

José Alfredo Jiménez and Don Miguel Hidalgo have something in common...

Traditions and Popular Celebrations

Leon Fair

It is considered one of the most important in Mexico ...

Traditional Music and Dances

Wind Instrument Bands

Traditionally, wind bands are related to popular and folkloric music ...


Festival Internacional Cervantino

The Festival Cervantino is a reference of the cultural life in Mexico.

Vox Pópuli

Minstrels and Alleyways

Thousands of songs are played and interpreted day by day in the streets and squares of the city.

Renowned Individuals

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

The ideologist and first leader of the movement that unleashed the fight against the Spanish Viceroyalty.

Magical Towns


This small town used to be a hacienda.

Architectural Treasures

The Sanctuary of Atotonilco

At this place, in 1810, Miguel Hidalgo took a standard with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Magical Towns

Mineral de Pozos

In this land chichimecas, huachichiles, copuces, guaxabanes and pames lived.

Magical Towns


Don Geronimo Lopez, the so-called lizard knight, nailed his sword in these lands.

Magical Towns


The wave of a lake crashes softly against the wall of a dam for 500 years ...


El Grito de Dolores

Every night of September 15, Mexico remembers the cry of Miguel Hidalgo


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