The Alley of the Kiss

Fatality in the narrow

In the city of Guanajuato, Mrs. Carmen met Don Luis in a temple near her house and after a while they fell in love. Every afternoon she went accompanied by her housekeeper, who was responsible for ensuring that nobody interrupted the couple while they were together, since Don Luis was a miner and Dona Carmen was the daughter of a wealthy landowner, who wanted to marry her to some member of the nobility. Spanish.

Unfortunately, one day they were discovered and the father forced Carmen to stay locked up at home, with the aim of arranging everything to send her to a convent from which she could only leave when it was time to marry a nobleman, as he wished.

She begged and even promised her father never to see Don Luis again, but the supplications had no effect; he should stay in his room. Carmen managed, with the help of her housekeeper, to send a letter to Luis telling him about the situation.

The miner, looking for how to eliminate the distance, remembered that his beloved's room had a balcony that faced an alley so narrow that it was possible to touch the wall of the house across the street just by stretching his hand ... He spoke with the owner and he accepted sell your home at the price of gold.

After much crying, Carmen went out on the balcony to discover Don Luis waiting for her. They touched their hands and could feel close again. However, only a few minutes had passed when inside the bedroom the young woman's father was heard shouting in anger at the housekeeper, who would not let her pass. Furious, he burst into the room and stuck a dagger in his daughter's back ... his fingers were still touching those of Don Luis, who could only kiss his hand before seeing her die because of the wound.

For this story this place is now known as "El Callejón del Beso" that means The Alley of the Kiss and popular belief indicates that all lovers who pass through here should kiss or face seven years of bad luck ...

El Callejón del Beso

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