Wind Instrument Bands

A Medley of Winds

Wind Bands are groups in which wind instruments are played, mainly metals, and percussion. These ensembles also represent the sonorous tradition that was established in the southern region of the state of Guanajuato, with a very particular way of interpreting the polkas and historical confrontations called "Guerra de Bandas" that means war of bands.

Guanajuato is the state that has the largest number of wind bands, as well as composers and arrangers, some municipalities that share the tradition are Villagrán, Cortazar, Salvatierra, El Grande, Acámbaro, Juventino Rosas and Salamanca.

They emerged as bands of a military nature, but over the years expanded their repertoire to obtain the diversity for which they are currently recognized, performing from danzones, mambos, polkas and corridos, to opera, zarzuela romanzas and sacred music; all with the particular touch of its instrumentation.

The war of bands are competitions where the groups show the best songs of their repertoire and interpret them with such energy that sometimes they are immersed in improvisation, all with the aim of winning the applause of the people.

The State Institute of Culture of Guanajuato has taken systematic measures to protect this tradition, among which stand out: the creation of the State Contest of Wind Bands in 1987, the opening of the School of Popular Music "J. Isabel Sosa "in Salvatierra, and the recording of six bands to publish the album called" Wind Bands of Guanajuato ".

There is also the Symphonic Band, composed of 55 members and the Youth Symphonic Band, with 51 members.

The tradition of wind bands is characterized by being shared from generation to generation, where the directors or teachers of the band instill in their students discipline, personal growth through musical expression and study to enable them to perform numerous instruments, returning to these groups something that goes far beyond music.

¿Qué Saber?

What to Know?

  • The south part of the state of Guanajuato is characterized by being the zone with the greatest number of wind bands, including composers and arrangers.
  • Villagrán, Cortazar, Salvatierra, los Apaseos, Acámbaro, Juventino Rosas, Salamanca and Celaya, among others, share this tradition.
  • The most used instruments in the bands are the metal ones: trumpets, trombones, tubas, basses, and recently saxophones: the woodwinds are principally made up of clarinets, and the percussion section contains drums, snare drums, and cymbals, and cowbell among others.
  • The wind bands that have become popular in the south of Guanajuato have done it through two groups with a long tradition: Los Sosa de Salvatierra and Los Arpero de Villagrán.
  • Apart from Guanajuato, other Mexican states with a tradition of wind bands are Michoacán, Querétaro, Puebla, the State of México, Morelos, México City and Oaxaca.
  • Culturally, the religious festivals and the wind bands are the principal motive for the social cohesion in these musical regions, and they preserve the tradition in this way.
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