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Silver, coveted and recognized by the world is one of the seven metals used since ancient times. It is mentioned in the book of Genesis and historically, vestiges have been found dating back at least four millennia before our era.

Silver is feminine, magical and represents the moon in virtually every culture, just as gold represents the power of the sun.

During the mining boom in Mexico, Taxco was characterized by the silver veins found in its territory. And over time, goldsmithing has been transformed into silver as the international hallmark of this Magical Town.

Earrings of a thousand shapes and sizes, bracelets, torzales chains, flat, long and short; rings with avant-garde designs, solid or with rhinestones. Charms and locket, crosses and medals, buckles, cufflinks. Various objects of decoration, lamps and cutlery; religious ornaments: chalice and candlesticks ...

These are some of the figures and designs that silver acquires in the hands of the artisans of Taxco, a place where the argenta veins of the earth take the shape that each of the many silversmiths who live in this town of the Warrior status.

Each piece is made with the love goldsmith in designs that the imagination dictates.
Taxco knows the secret of a thousand ways and whispers it to its artisans to compete with the best silverware and design in the world.

The offer of Argentine pieces is so vast and varied, that in Taxco there are more than three hundred stores, some of great tradition where the secrets of the trade are passed down from generation to generation, offering all the possibilities that silver offers in the wise hands .

For many years and characteristic of the place, was held once a year, the celebrations of the silver industry in this magical town, with a party known as "Day of the Silver".

The celebrations began with competitions among the craftsmen. The winner was awarded a prize in cash. The first contest was won by Jorge Castillo with a silver bracelet which they called "cocos", which is why since then Coco Castillo has been known as the replica of that design.

For several decades, at the request of President Adolfo López Mateos, the National Silverware Contest has been instituted and carried out, awarding the winner a gold plaque and a cash prize. The winning pieces are bought at very high prices by collectors and prestigious silversmiths.
The goldsmith competition gained more and more boom, and in November of 1974 the "First World Silver Fair" was celebrated with 40 countries participating in that first edition, and increasing international participation year after year. The designs, and the finished work, dazzle even the most knowledgeable jeweler and every year, more designers sign up with the hope of obtaining an award recognized worldwide.

The last week of November is marked by many jewelers of the world and his visit to Mexico is crowned with the exhibition of the pieces for the contest.

Taxco, his goldsmith life, and the sound that the metal blow emits, they call ... and their clear sound is heard beyond borders, so many foreigners who enjoy the peace and wit of their daily life, come to realize that Soon, they are haunted; to the point of staying to reside in this place full of traditions. Sometimes it happens for months or years, sometimes it's forever. Sharing the taste for metal, learning and adopting the goldsmith as creative therapy, business, or simple approach to such a deep history.


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