The Dance of the Palomo


The Dance of the Palomo is a dance that portrays the love conquest of the pigeons and courtship to women. It begins with movements during which the man and the woman look at each other and look for each other from a certain distance, but always with lively and happy gestures.

The woman makes attractive movements to make conquest more difficult. But once the dove, that is, she agrees to be courted, a dance begins closer, with many turns. The men, on the other hand, play with their hat and bandana, moving their arms as if they were wings. When they approach, they begin the many laps that make this dance a very happy and intoxicating one.

When several couples dance, a game between men and women is also established. They approach and gather in a circle, waiting for their pigeons to arrive.

The dance has a happy ending, where both dancers put their arms on each other's shoulders, as a sign of acceptance. It's the end of courtship.

The attire of the pigeons consists of a white trousers and a shirt with a blanket, hat, huaraches and bandana, which is a type of handkerchief that is usually tied around the neck. While the women wear a wide skirt, flowered and decorated with ribbons in contrasting shades. The blouse has soft cross-stitch embroidery and also complements paliacate and huaraches. It is common to devote a lot of time to the hairstyle: a popular headdress is based on braids with multicolored ribbons, necklaces and earrings.

Generally, this dance is performed with 23 dancers: One monarch, 6 captains, 14 pigeons and 2 malinches. Each one has his sones and zapateados. The main character is the monarch, who dances alone or accompanied by the malinches and executes showy steps.

The town of San Miguel Totolapan, located on the left bank of the River Balsas del Valle de Tierra Caliente, has a great tradition in dances. Some consider that the Dance of the Palomo de Guerrero is originally from this place. It is danced in different religious festivities, but mainly on May 3, in honor of the Holy Cross.

In the State of Guerrero, this dance is usually accompanied by two violins, a guitar and a tamborita. It is performed in weddings, baptisms and parties of a social nature. Whether it is a baptism or a marriage, it is known that at the party the sounds, the tastes and the songs will be played like El Palomo Enamorado. All the typical dances of the state of Guerrero will be danced, among them the famous Dance of the Palomo, a gift for the eyes.

La Danza del Palomo

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