Legend of Creation of the Maguey

The Price of Joy

In ancient times, men had food and drink to keep them alive, but nothing made them sing and dance, nothing gave them pleasure or joy, and the gods felt sorry for them. It was then that they began to discuss what to give them ...

While deliberating, Quetzalcoatl remembered Mayahuel, a beautiful and young goddess who lived far from the rest, locked up, because her grandmother was a tzitzimitil: a celestial demon of darkness who jealously guarded the virginity of her granddaughter.

Mayahuel had a magic plant capable of giving joy, shelter, food and drink to men, and Quetzalcoatl was entrusted to obtain it.

He managed to conquer the maiden's heart and convince her to escape from his prison. In their escape the two fell in love and swore eternal love, but they also discovered, on reaching Earth, that the vengeful and powerful brothers of Mayahuel came chasing them, sent by the evil grandmother.

The goddess, desperate to realize that the distance between them and her persecutors was getting smaller, made her and Quetzalcoatl take the shape of the magic plant, hoping to blend in with the place.

The fearsome tzitzimils arrived and found nothing, only vegetation and stones, but just when they decided to leave they noticed a plant different from the others, which they ripped and destroyed without mercy ... the plant was Mayahuel.

Quetzalcoatl, who survived, regained his form and took the remains of what had been his beloved, sowed and watered daily with his tears. Thus the magical plant, which could never recover its human form, remained for ever transformed into the sacred maguey, whose tears of love became the mead, nectar used by humans to make drinks that make them sing and dance, get pleasure and joy ...

La Creación del Maguey

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