It is the land of the mariachi, the charrería, the jaripeos and the tequila; all now international symbols of the Mexican identity. Its capital, Guadalajara, is one of the most beautiful and identifiable cities in the country, its name immortalized in popular songs. It has beaches, archaeological sites and a delicious cuisine that impresses. Visiting Jalisco is something that should happen at least once in a lifetime.


City of Guadalajara

With its style and provincial nature, but with all the advantages of a metropolis, Guadalajara is today one of the most important and representative cities of the country ...

Magical Towns


To walk through the streets of this Magical Town is to enter a postcard of the emblematic Mexico...

Traditional Music and Dances

The Mariachi

The mariachi reeks and sounds in every corner of the country and its music and costumes represent us in the world.

Mexican Legends

The Legend of Mouse Alley

At the end of the 19th century, in Lagos de Moreno there lived a man of great heart named Francisco Pérez, known for making the most delicious sweets of the place...

Magical Towns


Its canned fruits, wines and sweets are known throughout the region, as well as its cheeses

Magical Towns


The beauty of its wooded surroundings, full of flush clouds and radiant blue...

Magical Towns

Lagos de Moreno

According to studies carried out, many indigenous groups lived in this area ...

Archaeological Sites


Guachimontones is one of the most remarkable vestiges of the first civilization settled in Jalisco


Ceramics of Tlaquepaque

Ceramic is one of the first artistic manifestations of the human being.


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