The Legend of Mouse Alley


At the end of the 19th century, in Lagos de Moreno, there lived a man of great heart named Francisco Pérez, known for making the most delicious sweets of the place, which he sold in a penny each.

One day while preparing his delicacies, Don Pancho, as he was fondly called, saw a little mouse with brown hair and a pink nose sticking out of a hole in the wall. Instead of reacting alarmed and trying to hurt him, Don Pancho felt a lot of tenderness when he saw him directly in his bright eyes, like marbles.

Smiling he threw small cuts of candy to his visitor, who ran to them and ate them quickly, fully trusting in the intentions of his benefactor. When finished he returned to the hole.

After that occasion the little mouse accompanied Don Pancho daily, while he made his sweets and gave him little pieces as thanks for his company.

One morning the sweetie woke up sick, the result of an indigestion for eating tamales the night before. The village healer went to visit him and gave him a menjurje for the embarrassment, he charged two reales for the visit to the poor man who depended on the daily work and left, promising to return.

Unable to work and sell sweets, the few savings of Don Pancho were running out between buying food and payments to the healer, while the little mouse made him laugh with pirouettes and raids.

The sweetie never stopped sharing his meal with the little mouse, no matter how little he had for the day.

But one morning, totally pale, Don Pedro accepted before his friend that he had no more money and would probably exhaust his food in two days ... that's when the mouse stood on its hind legs and its eyes shined in a special way. He ran to his hole and the silence of the room was interrupted by the sound of his legs scratching the plaster of the wall. A few minutes later he returned rolling a silver tostón coin.

Don Pancho could not believe it, it was enough to eat a week.

Unfortunately the man could never recover and despite the fact that the mouse carried a coin every week, his health worsened.

Almost on his deathbed, he received the visit of his granddaughters, to whom he told them about the miracle of the mouse and asked them to watch over him so that he always had water and food.

Don Francisco Pérez died and immediately after burying the greedy granddaughters returned to the house with jimmies to knock down the wall where the hole was, sure to find a fortune.

They found nothing and completely dirty and disheveled returned to their home, while the people who saw them pass laughed when they saw them powdered. Frustrated to believe the story, they decided to lock themselves up for a week so nobody would talk about them.

The mouse was never seen again... its presence was only in the story of the small alley where the most unexpected of friendships was formed.

The Mouse Alley

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