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Mexico City is a place that initially may be unattractive for lovers of ecotourism and adventure, however, the wealth of options in one of the largest cities in the world always has something to surprise.

We will start by mentioning El Ajusco; a hill located to the south of the city, and that in its skirts has the volcano Xitle. In this place, inhabited many years ago by the Chichimecas, you can go hiking, play gotcha, mountain biking and even enduro, a modality of open-air motorcycling, among other things.

Choosing hiking will allow you to discover a route of approximately 15 kilometers, with a duration of 5 hours 20 minutes, which is an unforgettable walk, in which you will enjoy a spectacular view of the landscapes that comprise what was once Tenochtitlán.

The best time to do this hike is in the summer, but if you are interested in seeing it covered in snow you can, with a very good coat, enjoy it in winter. The route is circular, and you will reach a maximum height of 3,938 meters.

At another end of the city, exactly where the State of Mexico begins, there are also options for alternative tourism activities. For example, if you go to the Marquesa, in what is called the Valley of the Rabbit, you can ride a horse, get in touch with nature and be captivated by the beauty of the valley.

The route of approximately nine kilometers will help you to disconnect and free yourself from stress. Here you can also practice enduro and mountain biking, in fact, there is a route to go into the forest called El Túnel del Tiempo; that gets its name because those who practice this sport say that there comes a time when they lose the notion of time being there.

Right in the middle of the two aforementioned places you will find the Desierto de los Leones National Park; a place of great importance from the time of the viceroyalty, because its springs provided water to the city through an aqueduct.

It is no coincidence that among its pines and oyameles is the Ex Convento de Churubusco, built by the dieguine fathers. This is a place that inspires peace and where tranquility is breathed, two essential elements for reflection and meditation. Hiking or mountain biking in the Desierto de los Leones is a perfect excuse to make a stop in this unique space; the architecture of these monasteries will dazzle you and transport you to another era.

Another site that is very worthwhile for hiking and that is very close to Mexico City is the Dinamos, this is a route of almost 26 kilometers in which you will enjoy a unique landscape.

Throw yourself into adventure and know another side of CDMX; one where traffic does not exist, where the air is light, where, maybe, you can connect with yourself and discover another part of yourself.

Senderismo en la Ciudad de México

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Senderismo en la CDMX

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