La Calle de la Quemada

The Street of the burned woman

A desperate sacrifice

Beatriz was a beautiful woman, enough to impress innumerable men, who were left breathless just by looking at her.

Besides being beautiful, she was also a very rich woman, since her father, Don Gonzalo Espinosa de Guevara, was a wealthy Spanish gentleman who made his wealth grow even more during the government of the Viceroy Don Luis de Velasco I.

Despite his fortune, he had great humility and demonstrated his great heart by doing charitable works, including taking care of the poor and the sick ...

Beatriz, focused on her charities, saw herself in the constant need to reject pretender after suitor.

One day he arrived at the gate of the mansion Espinosa Don Martin de Scópoli, Marquis of Piedmont and Franteschelo, a passionate Italian gentleman who fell in love with Beatriz like many others, but decided to take more drastic measures to prove it.

The Marquis lost his reason and decided to stand on the street, challenging anyone who dared to court Beatriz. The Italian was always the winner and practically every morning he found a man injured or killed because of his jealousy.

The beautiful girl was overwhelmed to the point where she decided to end all the scandal; He waited for his father to go out one afternoon and proceeded to give the day off to the servants. Once alone, she went up to her room and took a round metal container, put charcoal on it and carefully let it burn, until the flames lit the room ... repeating between sobs the Italian's name let the fire burn his face.

Naturally, Beatriz issued a cry of despair that resonated throughout the street, drawing the attention of fray Marcos de Jesús, a devout friar who passed by and ran to find her passed out in her room and placed herbs to help her ... she, telling her story, She also confessed to being in love with the stubborn and ill-focused Marquis.

Fray Marcos eventually decided to tell Don Martin everything, who, impressed by the facts, ran to ask Beatriz for marriage, accepting that he loved her not only because of his physical appearance, but because of the beauty of his feelings and the nobility of his soul.

The marriage was celebrated while Don Gonzalo, Beatriz's father, jumped for joy ... his daughter had found someone who saw beyond the obvious.

All this happened in 1550, on 5th street. De Jesús María, also known as "Calle de la Quemada" (Street of the burned woman).

The street of the burned woman

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