With a capital city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, several Magical Towns and the opportunity to experience the traditional Night of the Dead as in no other state of the country, Michoacán awaits you with open arms to give you a warm welcome to a tour that You will never forget.



Its historic downtown seems to have been trapped in the colonial era. Through its streets you can breathe provincial air ...

Archaeological Sites

The Yácatas of Tzintzuntzan

They form an archaeological zone that teaches about the power that the Purépechas had in their splendor. Learn more here!

Magical Towns


Political capital and door of heaven of the ancient Purépecha kingdom, Pátzcuaro was destined for supremacy during the colonial era ...

Mexican Legends

The Midgnight Mass Legend

La majestuosa Catedral de Morelia fue testigo de uno de los sucesos más escalofriantes.

Ecotourism and Adventure

Kayaking in Umécuaro

Variety of habitats, accessible places, parks, paradors, camps and nearby towns make Michoacán ..

Sites of Interest

Paricutín Volcano

He was born on February 20, 1943 and with his eruption he buried two towns: Paricutín and San Juan Viejo Parangaricutiro.

Architectural Treasures

Cathedral of Morelia

Majestic building of the XVIII century and neoclassical style that rises stately in the center of the old Valladolid.


Guitars of Paracho

In this mountain town the elaboration of guitars became a tradition that permeates the life of the whole community.



It is housed in a summer house that belonged to a French family, conceived as a gallery ...

Traditions and Popular Celebrations

Night of the Dead at Pátzcuaro Lake

The night of the dead is a culminating rite valued by the natives as an instant to treasure.

Traditional Music and Dances

Dance of the Viejitos

The most famous michoacán dance has gained its popularity due to some significant characteristics: a message that ponders ...


Morelia Jazztival

Each month of March proposes the musical exchange of a genre regardless of traditionalism ...

Vox Pópuli

Morelia: Archways. Folk Singers and Coffee

You'll enjoy the scent and taste of a good cup of coffee.

Renowned Individuals

José María Morelos y Pavón

Valladolid (Today Morelia) was the birthplace of a man of great character, who demonstrated his ability as a strategist and great tactical skills ...

Traditions and Popular Celebrations

Caramel Skulls: Sweet Creativity

The alfeñique is the technique used in the preparation of caramel skulls.


Michoacán at Mexico Independence

Echoes of an enlightened thought came to the countries of America...

Traditions and Popular Celebrations

From Life to Death

In Mexico, representing death is part of our identity

Traditions and Popular Celebrations

The Catrinas of Álvaro de la Cruz

This Michoacan craft acquires a leading role during the celebration of Day of the Dead, which is why we could not stop mentioning it.

Magical Towns


Cuitzeo is a smiling village settled on the banks of the lake.

Magical Towns


The word Angangueo means "town among the mountains" in Purepecha language ...

Magical Towns

Santa Clara del Cobre

Founded as Santa Clara de los Cobres by the Augustinian missionary friar Francisco de Villafuerte ...

Magical Towns


This Magical Town, located in the central region of Michoacán, has two well-marked ecosystems ...

Magical Towns


On the shores of Lake Pátzcuaro is located this beautiful Michoacan Magic Town ...

Magical Towns


Tlalpujahua is a town extracted from the mines.

Mexican Legends

The Alley of Death

In Morelia, The Alley of Death receives its name from the legend of a man whose ambition marked his life, and his deceptions to an innocent young woman.

Mexican Legends

The Hand in the Window

This legend occurs in Fray Antonio Calzada in Morelia. They say, a woman is heard asking for bread while her cadaverous hand comes out of a window.

Mexican Legends

The Stone Dog

The Stone Dog is a legend that happens in the Conservatory of Roses, in Morelia, Michoacán. Meet this and more stories, here.

Mexican Legends

The Window of the Dead

The legend of the Window of the Dead is a classic story told in Morelia, Michoacán. Meet this and many other Mexican stories here.

Mexican Legends

The Five Gold Coins

The legend of the Five Royals of Gold is a tragic story that is told in the city of Morelia, Michoacán. Know her here, in Así es Mi México.


Vive la Procesión del Silencio en México

En México hay muchas actividades para vivir durante Semana Santa; desde conocer una nueva ciudad hasta probar un platillo típico de la temporada.


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