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Paracho is a Chichimeca word that means "offering". For more than 400 years, its inhabitants have honored his name giving testimony of this offering to Orfeo, Apolo, Caliope and Xochipilli ... that is, to music. Surrounded by forest is a town where about 70% of its inhabitants are dedicated to the lutherie or works related to it.

The guitars and string instruments made by the hands of Paracho craftsmen are recognized throughout Mexico and the world; taking it to be known as "the Capital of the Guitar".

Paracho, of course, is much more than guitars, since around 120 variables of stringed instruments are produced, all performed virtuously. Their master craftsmen caress the wood, cut and assemble it. The sound of its box is tested, it is caressed with the sandpaper every part so that its texture is perfect. Varnish and strings placed masterfully make the finished so that its sound expands and is clear.

The offer of guitars and musical instruments is practically infinite, from the most commercial and economic, to exclusive designs at the request of connoisseurs.

Paracho is moved by music, and knowledge is inherited from parents to children.

To walk by Paracho is to accompany the steps with notes that escape from the workshops of the more than 400 luthiers and the hundreds of artisans who work around this craft creating, designing, giving maintenance and repair to the instruments, adding about 700 families dedicated thereto.

In an industrialized way, there are 15 factories of stringed musical instruments, which take advantage of the skilled labor of the place.

Every year, in August, Paracho opens its doors and concentrates its knowledge in the "International Guitar Fair" that was celebrated forty years ago in 2013. Its appeal is centered around this instrument and its manifestations, through artistic events -cultural, handicraft competitions, gastronomic samples and specialized competitions such as traditional guitarist children, orchestras and regional dances.

In the Purepecha plateau, surrounded by trees and wood smell, Paracho awaits you, your guitars and your laudero office, to offer an offering to the gods, whether from ancient Greece or pre-Hispanic Mexico, through strings and notes ... they are translated into music from heaven and the earthly world.

¿Qué Visitar?

What to visit?

  • Main square: On Sundays it is common for artisans to come from all the Purepecha plateau to sell their products here; In addition, this square is surrounded by restaurants and a market where it is possible to taste the delicious cuisine of the place.
  • Museum of the Guitar: Aquí se exhiben algunos de los mejores trabajos hechos por los artesanos locales, además se narra la historia de los primeros fabricantes.
¿Qué Saber?

What to know?

  • Paracho is a Chichimeca word that means "offering".
  • Forty percent of the inhabitants of the place dedicate themselves to handicrafts, among them guitars.
  • There are two types of fine guitars in Paracho, those of cedar and those of palo escrito, both with pinabeto top. Which, according to the manufacturers, are never painted, only varnished.
  • The Center for Guitar Research and Development A.C. (CIDEG), which is located in Paracho, was founded in 1992 and formally registered in 1995.
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Guitarras de Paracho

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