The Alley of Death

The outcome of greed

In times that have already passed, the church of San Francisco de Valladolid was surrounded by a wavy wall whose summit stood out enormous trees. To the north, Calle Antonio de la Veracruz ran, bounded by shacks in ruins and the wavy wall of a cemetery. In the middle of the alley there was a house that nobody wanted to live; for, as they said, in it dwelt terrors that manifested not only at night, but in the middle of the day, when the sun should keep them out.

Don Diego Pérez de Estrada was a textile merchant who had traveled innumerable places in New Spain, also took advantage of his travels in search of a woman to marry. In Valladolid it was that he found the most beautiful and ingenuous of all, Doña Ines de la Cuenca and Fraga, an orphan of father and mother and heiress to one of the most extensive and powerful haciendas of the Tierra Caliente.

Ines was genuinely and innocently in love with Don Diego, when he proposed marriage could hardly contain his happiness, but being a very important decision was to consult his spiritual father, Fray Pedro de la Cuenca. He, through a long investigation discovered that the merchant was deceptive, vulgar ... sought to marry her only for material wealth.

With that knowledge, the young woman decided not to marry, and Pérez de Estrada swore to take revenge on the "damn counselor".

He removed his tent and rented a room in a house located north of the cemetery of the church of San Francisco ... One night, he covered himself with a blanket and entered through the door to the temple, where he identified himself as a dying beggar who wanted to confess to Fray Pedro de la Cuenca in a neighboring alley.

Not being someone who denied such desire, fray Pedro left and walked towards the figure, he asked his sins and was surprised to not get an answer, he investigated removing the blanket from his face and shouted when he realized that it was Don Diego, no longer life but wielding a dagger ...

The mystery was there, death never had an explanation and from the morning after that news was known, people began to say: "let's go to the Alley of Death" ...

Leyenda del Callejón del Muerto

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