The Stone Dog

Eternal Guardian

In the courtyard of the cloister of the Conservatory of Roses, surrounded by beautiful arches of quarry, there is an enigmatic fountain topped by the figure of a dog carved in stone ...

A legend of Morelia says that Doña Juana de Moncada, countess of Altamira, wanted to seclude herself in a religious house after becoming a widow, and she chose the College and Convent of Roses, located in the now capital of Michoacán.

The Countess only kept one companion for her confinement, a large and powerful flamenco mastiff, called Pontealegre; the dog was always at his mistress's side, protecting her from everything.

On Sundays it was customary for women to go out to sunbathe at the convent's gazebo, so many men waited in the street to look at them with enamored eyes. One of those gallants was Ensign Don Julián de Castro y Montaño, who quickly began to write to a young woman called Remedios de la Cuesta to ask her for marriage.

The young woman refused, but the nobleman would not accept an unfavorable response, so she made the decision to enter the convent to kidnap her and force her to stay with him.

It was a cold night when the Ensign and his companions entered the complex, using a back door and absolute stealth.

Unfortunately, they had not advanced much when Pontealegre heard them and launched against them. With an extraordinary fierceness, the dog bit the jugular of the nobleman, who began to bleed abundantly.

His companions unsheathed their swords to face the animal, but it was too late; Don Julian had only managed to mortally wound Pontealegre before he died, and there they both lay dead.

From that day on, there is a column of red granite in the yard, which in the upper part has the figure of a dog; Pontealegre ... who continues to watch over women to protect them as he did in life.

Leyenda del perro de piedra

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