The Five Gold Coins

Desperate Love

Arturo de Salceda lived for the game, had bet until he lost everything and kept playing, because nothing else mattered to him, he became obsessed to cover up that he had never achieved his true longing: to love someone and be loved back.

His friends tried to make him see reason, but he answered that the money was to fulfill wishes and he only wanted to play.

One day, looking for a lesson, his friends came and gave him five gold coins, with the instruction to go play and before leaving the betting room go with them, to say goodbye.

The young man arranged his clothes, took the coins and boarded a carriage. While passing in front of the temple of San José he was seeing the sky for no reason, so he managed to notice the figure of a person on the edge of the bell tower. He stopped the carriage and ran into the temple, up the stairs and reached whoever he was looking for, a woman.

She asked him not to jump, he told her that he was a very rich man and could take care of everything, and if he gave up, he would go after her.

The woman responded saying that she did not believe in men or in her words, because of them she had only received deceptions and mistreatment; In addition, his mother had died the day before, the result of one's abuse ... however, Salceda insisted, pleading for hours until the woman agreed to come down with him.

They approached another carriage and he left her at the door of a luxurious hotel, gave her the five golden coins and told her to buy what she wanted, with the condition of seeing him on the third day outside of the Cathedral.

The agreed date arrived and Arturo waited, elegantly dressed and with a bouquet of flowers, but the woman never arrived.

Sad, he gave up all hope and walked, until he found in a portal a newspaper that narrated a suicide the night before: a woman in a long dress had been thrown from the top of the temple of San José.

Incredulous, Salceda wondered what could have happened, when one of his friends greeted him on the street and told him that it had been a very bad idea not to say goodbye to them in the gambling hall that day, and Arturo did not understand why they wanted out to see them ...

The five gold coins were false.

Leyenda de los cinco reales de oro

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