Álvaro de la Cruz's Skeletal Pottery

Traditional Craft of Capula

In Michoacán, this craft acquires a leading role during the celebration of Day of the Dead, which is why we could not stop mentioning it.

The elaboration of these pieces is due to the intention of Mtro. Juan Torres, who arrived in Capula, Michoacán and carefully reproduced the character of Guadalupe Posada along with a group of potters from the region.

In that group was the talented Mtro. Álvaro de la Cruz, who thanks to his skill working clay, dominated and perfected the craftsmanship. His work is so precise that it has been worthy of recognition inside and outside the country.

As an artisan, he has his own style, and his inspiration to give life to the Catrina occurs once the piece is finished, when the figure has a human form and usually reminds people who once lived.

This is his way of honoring and remembering those who are no longer with us. Do you want to know more? Watch the video, and do not forget the photo gallery!

Las Catrinas de Álvaro de la Cruz

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Galería de Las Catrinas de Álvaro de la Cruz

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