Night of the Dead at Pátzcuaro Lake

A spiritual camp

The night of the dead is a culminating rite valued by the natives as an instant to treasure. An intimate, personal feeling that, by becoming collective, recreates the myth and with it the survival of its culture, of its being as synthesized humanity, immovable in its foundations, but dynamic in its forms of life.

¿Qué Saber?

What to know?

  • In the Purépecha region, when someone dies, the word spreads among the relatives and acquaintances and, if the community is very small, all the people assist to accompany the mourners.
  • There are records that these activities date back to pre-Hispanic times.
  • It is customary to make a collective offering for all the dead who have no one to remember them with the contributions of the people.
  • In Janitzio there is a show in the canoes with their nets of butterflies.
Galería - Noche de Muertos

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Noche de muertos

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