Morelia: Archways, Folk Singers and Coffee

A Willful Enchantment

You'll enjoy the scent and taste of a good cup of coffee. Accompany it with the stage formed by Baroque Archways and decorated with the frame that composes the majestic and imposing Cathedral, she surrenders to you. Open the door and intérnate: bars, restaurants and clubs have gathered troubadours that will delight your ears and conquer your heart.

¿Qué Saber?

What to know?

  • The Archways of Morelia are an icon in this city because they represent a very important commercial and entertainment point.
  • It is a place where you will find concentrated the gastronomy, the music and the customs of the region.
  • From this site you can appreciate the magnificent beauty of the Cathedral of Morelia.
  • The Archways of Morelia are the perfect fusion between past and present, history and modernity.
  • This place was invaded by itinerant commerce until 2001, the year in which they were relocated and the Archways were rescued.
  • Currently the highlight of this site is to go have a good coffee and listen to diverse music.
  • It is an excellent option to watch the Cathedral's light show, which happens every Saturday night
  • The Aldama archway is made up of 4 patrimonial buildings from the 17th century, one of them is the one marked with the number 117 in which Agustín de Iturbide lived when he was young.
  • Formerly Galeana portal was known as "the one with the ice cream parlour".

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Portales, Trovadores y Café de Morelia

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