Here you will find one of the most popular "getaway" destinations in Mexico: Cuernavaca, known as the city of eternal spring. You can visit some of the first temples built by the Spanish conquistadors during their evangelization work, as innumerable spas and ecotourism zones. Do not be fooled by its size, this state has a lot to offer you!



Historically, it is the most celebrated recreational space in Mexico. Its proximity to Mexico City and its privileged climate made it the resting place most frequented by celebrities and celebrities...

Mexican Legends

Tepoztécatl Legend

A long time ago, a maiden who had never known a man went to bathe in the stream of Axitla, at the foot of the hill of Ehcatepetl...

Magical Towns


The beautiful valley of Tepoztlan is the cradle of an enigmatic town full of charm, spirit and traditions ...

Magical Towns


In the Aztec era, Tlayacapan was an obligatory step between the great Tenochtitlan...

Traditional Music and Dances

Moors and christians Dance

La danza de moros y cristianos tiene como origen la península ibérica...


Handicrafts of Morelos

The handicrafts of the state of Morelos are varied, rich in colors, textures and shapes, its processing and marketing being an important economic factor...

Archaeological Sites


The place that seduced and inspired Jules Verne, had its apogee between the years 650 and 900 of our era.


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