Moors and christians Dance


The dance of Moors and Christians originated in the Iberian Peninsula: during the sixteenth century, Spanish friars who came to the new world as missionaries undertook to spread it.

This dance has as its main argument the struggle between good, represented by Christians, and evil, symbolized by the Moors. The simulation of the struggle between Moors and Christians has to do with the war of reconquest that the Spaniards maintained for seven centuries against the Muslims, for this reason this dance became a symbol of liberation.

When Spain, at the end of the 15th century, managed to expel the Muslims from the territory, the dance did not lose its validity, because it had already begun the colonization of America, so another war was supposed against heretics and infidels. This is how you have idea of ​​its first representation in Mexico in the year 1524.

In Mexico, the dance of Moors and Christians has had many variants, because in each place where it is made it has particular elements of the region. What they all agree on is that they take place during religious festivities. In some states, the representation of the struggle is between unconverted Catholic and indigenous Mexicans.

The music used for this dance is based on the band of breath, although in some parts the flute and the drum are still used. The staging begins by asking for permission from the church and the confrontation of the Moorish and Christian armies, which are sent by ambassadors who discuss theological issues.

The way to resolve the conflict is through the fight and, then, more emissaries are sent from each side to fight until they finally win the Christian side by the divine intervention of an angel or a saint, then the other side surrenders and it becomes, or perishes.

Usually, this dance is made up of 16 performers, who wear a type of white shorts, an apron with shiny inlays or mirror, and some layers, in the case of the red colored Moors, and in the representation of the Christians, blue color. The same happens with the colors of the socks.

In the state of Morelos, a dance that carries the syncretism of the representation of the Moors and Christians is the so-called "Los Chinelos" dance. This expression of dance occurs in many communities of the state, however, it is said that its origin occurs in the community of Tlayacapan, where the famous musical band that bears the same name originates. The dress for this dance is very colorful and colorful: it consists of a long dress in white, with blue stripes, masks of fine European-type features and a hat resembling an inverted cone, with showy feathers and a lot of color.

The dances of the state of Morelos are one of the richest expressions of tradition and culture in Mexico, come and listen to how the past and present merge and go to the future.

Danza de Moros y Cristianos

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Danza de Moros y Cristianos

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