Handicrafts of Huicholes

Handicrafts of Nayarit

The peyote, the deer and the corn are the most important elements for the cosmogony of the Huichols, for that reason they are very represented elements in their craft work, as well as in their rituals and daily habits ... Mother Earth has provided them with many things to subsist and be happy, so they seek to capture their beauty in their manual tasks.

The craftsmanship of the Huichol is world-renowned. The most successful objects have been staves or nierikas, popular for their designs that are cataloged as "psychedelic", a quality that they acquire because the inspiration to be created is usually obtained in visions produced under the effects of peyote.

According to their culture, peyote provides inspiration only if he wants; the artisans are a conduit for the will of the plant and by extension, the beloved mother earth.

Likewise, beadwork, another important material in Huichol crafts, is considered a symbol of "Water Lady"; The principle of life. When crafts are made with beads, it is interpreted as strung dreams that dissolve into a story so tiny that it is difficult to work with the fingertips. The masks and figurines made with it represent the deities and sacred animals.

Another slope is the cross woven in yarn, globally recognized for its color and meaning. They are made with yarn "tsikurite" and constitute important ritual objects, although they are also made for commercial purposes. These are representations of the cosmos with its five directions, that is, the four cardinal points and the center.

Of course, in the territory of Nayarit, in the fishing village of Rincon de Guayabitos, going almost one kilometer into the Sierra Madre, passing the city of Compostela and the Puga sugar mill, you come to Nueva Valey, where there is a small village Huichol, with a population of approximately 130 natives.

The name "huichol" is derived from the word Wixarika, which means "diviner" or "shaman" in their language. The Huichols, from children, are instructed to communicate with the Spiritual World through symbols and rituals. The themes of his art and crafts always reflect his culture.

Finally you will find the famous "Eye of God"; the most well-known religious instrumental figure of the Huichol culture. An "Eye of God" is equivalent to one year in the life of a child and every year, after his initiation in the "Drum Festival", as soon as he is born, his father must elaborate one until he reaches five years of age, for that is always protected. These amulets integrate a "cosmic tree" that is thrown into the sea in a sacred place that the Wixárikas have in San Blas, Nayarit. And it is represented in its craftsmanship.

The next time you consider going to marvel at the beauty of the Riviera Nayarit, also plan a tour to delve into the Huichol culture and all the riches they offer, both in the material world and for your spirit.

Artesanías Huicholes

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Artesanías Huicholes

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