The Dance of Nayarit Jarabe


When one thinks of "syrup" as a musical genre in Mexico, the association with the Tapatío syrup is usually heard, however, in the Nayarit region there is a variation, properly named nayarita syrup.

This musical style does show influences from the Tapatio, mainly because of the closeness that exists between both states.

It is a mestizo rhythm that invites the dance immediately, and whose lyrical content is responsible for recounting everyday situations in the life of the Nayarites; Many of his most recognized compositions have been passed down from generation to generation and, interestingly, a large number are anonymous.

Among the most popular sones we find the Coamecate, whose dance is similar to that of a waltz, due to its slow rhythm; The Devil, which is executed with stitching, heel and some heel and toe beats. Some even present themselves with flourish of machetes as part of their choreography.

El Ardillo is another common composition, with its zapateado based on four-beat reps. It's a balance, because you dance with glasses full of tequila; the machete, together with the rolling of bottles, or full glasses on the head, have made Nayarit folklore a great spectacle.

Men's clothing includes breeches and a blanket shirt, with a bandana under the neck and a red sash. They also wear hats and sandals. For their part, women wear satin blouse of some bright color with an olán in the front, their skirt has a double olán of the same fabric of the blouse. As the skirt is wide, hold the ends and move it to the beat of the music.

Despite not having the international recognition of other regional styles, the music of Nayarit reflects the love of life that exists in this state and, the nayarit syrup is particularly great. You will see that the dance is contagious!

El Jarabe Nayarita

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El jarabe Nayarita

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