Nuevo León

A mostly desert territory, which however contains some of the most impressive adventure tourism offers in our country; as well as one of the cities with more life and color of the whole world, Monterrey, whose cultural billboard includes every year handicraft exhibitions, international festivals and shows of the highest quality. Of course, Nuevo León also offers Magic Towns and delicious food, in case you want to take it with more



Great city in movement, that shows versatility and cosmopolitan rhythm. In Monterrey you will find a mosaic of past, modernity and future that translates into its classic and magnificent squares...


Legend of the silver mountain

The new territories conquered by the Spaniards meant more and greater promises of gold, silver, spices, pearls and diamonds that would bring countless fortunes for those who managed to find them...

Magical Towns

Villa de Santiago

Nestled in the Sierra Madre Oriental, Villa de Santiago combines the splendor of the mountain landscape with splendid works created by man.

Traditional Music and Dances

The Polka

The polka (also spelled polka) is a popular dance that emerged in the territory of Bohemia, now Czech Republic ...

Archaeological Sites

Boca de Potrerillos

Rock art is the main feature of this desert archaeological site, including thousands of petroglyphs.


Handicrafts of Nuevo Leon

The Handicrafts of the state of Nuevo León is not widely discussed ...


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