Handicrafts of Nuevo Leon


Despite being identified as a state full of industry and technological progress, Nuevo León also has artisanal production; one that competes with the best that other places in Mexico can offer national and foreign tourists.

In the small town of Montemorelos, a family is dedicated to making chairs with pincers, a very aesthetic and resistant material. The State Museum of Popular Cultures has undertaken efforts to rescue this tradition, because its practice is not as popular as before.

It is common the production of tools and accessories made with leather, such as: saddles, belts, whips for horses, jackets, among others. The main focus is utilitarian, this indicates that despite its craftsmanship, the sale is oriented to its use in field activities.

In Mina, weavings of lechuguilla stem are made, a technique that dates back hundreds of years. Before the synthetic fibers began to be created, this material was used for the fabrics and fabrics used in domestic tools. Unfortunately, like the wood of pincer, the work of this craft has been declining until becoming a rarity.

In the area of ​​Cadereyta, ixtle fabrics are made, since the plant is common in the territory. Mainly mats, baskets and related objects are produced. To a lesser extent we also work with hearts of palm, making furniture that is considered totally typical of Nuevo León.

Tarahumara, Mixtec and Nahuas are some of the indigenous groups represented in Nuevo León, so you can also find crafts associated with other states, made by hands that carry all the tradition and ancestral knowledge that characterizes them.

The craftsmanship of Nuevo León is a little-known treasure, but we must all explore.

Artesanía de Nuevo León

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Artesanías de Nuevo León

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