Legend of the silver mountain


The new territories conquered by the Spaniards meant more and greater promises of gold, silver, spices, pearls and diamonds that would bring countless fortunes for those who managed to find them ... riches that were already unattainable in old Europe.

In Nuevo Leon, the histories of the Indians and the insatiable ambition of the conquerors were weaving little by little to suppose that "here, walking to the north", there was a hill of silver so high and valuable that it dazzled anyone who could see it, even at great distances.

Of course, there were those who swore to have seen him and Spaniards who could not stop dreaming about him.

In chapter V of his Historia de Nuevo León, Alfonso León, chronicler of northern lands, states: "A hill they say there is, that they call silver, incognito to those who live today, it would also be to the past."

The story was transformed over the years: explorers, walkers, merchants, wise men, old people, adventurers... there were always those who would tell new anecdotes about this hill, until it was concluded that it was a silver hill that fled from men. He was moving toward the horizon and never allowing himself to be reached.

There were expeditions in 1644 and 1648 to catch him, but none succeeded. They searched for it from Monterrey to Parral, in Coahuila; they sought to corner him, take him by surprise, but the elusive hill always found a way to evade men... and from what we now know, he probably continues to do so.

El Cerro de la Plata

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