Legend of Oaxaca "Donají"


The Zapotec monarch Cosijoeza and the queen Coloyocaltzin had a daughter whom they called Donají, which means "big soul". At birth, the priest of Mitla deciphered his fate; indicating that the sign of doom had appeared in heaven ...

Years later a war broke out between Zapotecs and Mixtecs, a day of conflict like any other, loyal warriors took a prisoner to the kingdom of Cosijoeza. In spite of being badly wounded his attire and armament indicated high hierarchy, so they left him alone, thinking that it could be useful later on.

They did not know that it was the Mixtec prince Nucano, "big fire".

Donají saw his wounds and took pity on him, away from any possibility of battle and waited for his body to heal ... so it was, but the war continued, then the prince asked the princess to set him free, to continue fighting for his village. She knew how that responsibility felt and allowed her to leave.

The Mixtec people were filled with confidence with the return of their prince and continued the war, until forced to the king Cosijoeza to leave Zaachila, the most important settlement of the Zapotecs.

The peace negotiations ended, but Nucano showed distrust of the Zapotec king, who had lost too much. Thoughts of revenge were inevitable. It was so he asked Princess Donají as a guarantee of peace.

They took her to Monte Albán and she was treated according to her condition.

Near this conflict began the expansion of the Spaniards by Mesoamerican territory, and the princess was baptized as Juana Cortés.

Donají was overwhelmed by the idea of ​​having failed her home and was convinced that the only way to avoid it was to relive the war. He sent a maid to Zaachila with a message ... that of attacking at dusk and that a signal was sent to him to indicate the appropriate moment for his escape.

The battle took the Mixtecs by surprise and many of them perished. A dart entered the bedroom of the princess through the window that was discovered by warriors, who, realizing their plan, took her prisoner and fled the place.

On the banks of the Atoyac River Donají was beheaded, and her remains buried so that no one would find her.

Time passed and a shepherd walking along the riverbank found a beautiful lily of the valley, enough to catch his attention at another time, for he remained as smooth and fresh as the first time, for something seemed to keep him intact.

He decided to take it for himself and enormous was his surprise when trying to dig it out of the root also brought to the surface the head of Donají, without degrading himself, as if he were just sleeping.

Prince Nucano, "big fire", never stopped regretting the death of the princess. He ruled the Zapotecs and watched over them jealously, as she would have done. Eventually he was baptized by the Spanish as Don Diego de Aguilar.

Currently, the nascent Donají flower remains majestic in the coat of arms of Oaxaca, honoring the princess who died for her people ...

Leyenda de la Princesa Donají

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