Zacatlán de las manzanas

Fragant and sweet nectar

This magical city was drawn and designed from the Franciscan Temple dating from the sixteenth century, when analyzed, it is possible to realize that its dimensions meet the so-called golden ratio.

Zacatlán is a region producing apples, with different varieties of them, which are unique in the world and give rise to the wide range of flavors, colors and textures of their traditional ciders.

The Great Apple Fair is the most important social event of this town; starts in the second week of August. In it, pavilions of fruit, industrial, artisanal and gastronomic production are exhibited.

When planning your tours, you must include the Municipal Palace. Majestic building that was built between 1876 and 1896, with its facade of neoclassical style and reliefs of gray quarry.

In the "Centenario" monumental watch factory, you can find the Alberto Olvera Hernández Watchmaking Museum, the only one of its kind in Latin America, where you can admire the different models that, throughout their lives, have helped humanity measure time .

Three blocks from the Central Plaza you can experience the typical provincial atmosphere that characterizes the Magical Towns, in the Municipal Market of Revolution. In addition, you can buy handicrafts from the region, which reflect the roots of the history, traditional and cultural, reasons of pride in Zacatlán.

The indigenous and mestizo hands elaborate dresses, blouses with their embroidery, ribbons, zarapes, woolen coats woven in waist looms, backpacks, huipiles, chitos, earrings and necklaces of beads. They also mold clay and stone utensils, as well as ixtle objects, which is extracted from the maguey.

For your craving, here are several bakeries that make an exquisite bread that is prepared by hand. Bread stuffed with cheese and cottage cheese deserves special mention.

Zacatlán has the tradition of pyrotechnics, which was born generations ago. Two families did wonderful jobs with gunpowder and were recognized throughout the region. Now, they have passed on their knowledge to their children and grandchildren, and they are the ones in charge of giving light and color to this tradition.

Do not miss this Magic Town as your next destination on your journeys!

¿Qué Visitar?

What to Visit?

  • Main Square
  • Saint Peter and Saint Paul Parish Built mainly with gray quarry stone in the seventeenth century, this temple features an exquisite neoclassical style.
  • Museum of Clocks It is located inside the first factory of monumental clocks in Latin America.
  • Franciscan Monastery Built in 1567, this religious complex is the oldest one in the state of Puebla.
¿Qué hacer?

What to do?

  • Apple Fest It takes place in the third week of August each year, and it consists of artistic and cultural exhibitions, gastronomic activities and also the election of a queen for this fair.
Comida Típica

Typical Food

  • Sopes Thick corn tortillas served with hot sauce, onions and beef on top of them.
  • Tlacoyos Thick corn tortillas with oval and extended form that are mixed with beans or broad beans in its dough, and they are served with hot sauce, onions and beef on top of them.
  • Mole sauce Delicious sauce prepared with different kinds of chili, peanuts and, even, chocolate. This unique sauce is served on top of rice and chicken or turkey meat.
  • Candies covered with fig
  • Products derived from apple Candies, liquor, cider, juice, among many other.
¿Qué Saber?

What to Know?

  • In Aztec language, Zacatlan means "Place full of lawn."
  • On December 11th, 1847, this village was upgraded to the level of town.
  • On August 15th, 1941, the first Apple Fest was organized.

Popular Craft

  • Embroideries
  • Ceramics and pottery
  • Carved wood
Zacatlán de las manzanas

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Zacatlán de las Manzanas

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Zacatlán de las manzanas

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